Writefreely adventures and new blog

Welcome to my blog :)

Before you read this, here's a disclaimer: I have a rather bad brain fog right now so not everything in this post might make sense, be not-boring or be grammatical. I hope you don't mind it.

My past experiences

In the past I tried using a bunch of different blogging... things, anything from Wordpress to handwriting HTML, from medium to ghost.

However, they all had flaws. Medium didn't support markdown, was proprietary and ad-riddled, Ghost was heavy and was overall a pain to maintain, handwriting HTML was ugly and painful for when I just wanted to throw some ideas around, and Wordpress was just incredibly heavy and didn't support markdown.

Also, I just tended to start a blog then not post anything on it for months to years, which is probably what'll happen to this blog too, but we'll see IG. (Hello people from future who are saying “yep, that did happen”, I hope you're having a great day.)

The future

Writefreely seems to solve all of the technical issues I had by being very lightweight, supporting markdown and being FOSS.

On top of that, it's federated, and I sorta have a thing for federated platforms.

I like it already.

My experiences with setting up and using writefreely

Setting up writefreely was one of the simplest things I had to do. Just had to download a tar, extract it (mv the tar to a folder and cd to it first, the folders and binary are sadly on the root of the tar.gz so it just creates a mess) and run 3 simple commands.

I did have a small issue at first as my account wasn't being created properly, but I reported it as an issue so hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

I also had no idea where I could go to write stuff initially (as a user wasn't being created, the login button wasn't showing up) so I had to brute force the URLs to find out that it's on /login, but now that there's a user added the login button shows up perfectly so it shouldn't be a problem for others.

After using it for a while, I honestly can say that Writefreely seems much less polished than the other blog tools I used, but I'm fine with that as it fits every other need I have.

Still, a way to see a render of the draft (perhaps on side like hackmd and ghost, perhaps on a different page) and get some level of markdown highlighting on the would be nice.

Addition after I finished writing this post: Okay, apparently when you click the publish button on top right, it saves it as a draft and renders it, then you move it to your blog, so my last point there was moot.

Plans for this blog

In case you didn't know, I really enjoy REing and MitMing stuff to figure out and document their APIs.

I'm considering making a blog post series called “API Deep Dive” where I talk about particularly interesting APIs I stumble upon, like the one of twist.moe which I had to figure out in order to write a kodi plugin for it.